What is a fashion portrait session you might ask?

Have you ever looked through a magazine and thought, “Wow, they look so cool! I can look that cool too!”. Have you ever thought of treating yo.self?

Fashion portrait is all about looking like the magazine you!

In the 1800s fashion photography became more prominent in the ranks of aristocatic and fashionable women. Countesses became the first fashion models. The photographers and models actively collaborate to design photo shoots, choosing theatrical scenarios and dressing up models to play various roles!

Fashion portrait is the new visual language.

So, what do we do?

First we choose a concept. Or if you have already a concept in mind, that’s great! What do you want the resulting photos to look like?

And then we’ll choose the location. The location should flow from the concept. We can go to a studio and shoot in a simple black or white backdrop. If we want to shoot on location, let’s pick somewhere distinctive! There are certainly a lot of cool photo shoot spots in The Netherlands.

Another factor to consider is lighting. Do you like that morning mist in the forest? Then we have to go to location just right before the sun come up. Love that golden hour look? Let’s set up our photo session just half an hour before the sun goes down. Or do you like it artsy and contrasty where the shadows are prominent? Then we shoot when the sun is completely out!

Now we have to decide on wardrobe! Construct a complete outfit that you want represented in the image! If you don’t have outfits, please check out my client closet services. I have some fashion statement pieces!

If you want to go all out, I am in partnership with a couple of make-up artists. So we can just spend the day primping you up and getting you ready for the photoshoot! Just like a model! How fun!